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We are the Finest Specie

Yes, we are the finest specie on the planet called Earth. Can you find any specie on this planet which is more intelligent than us, which is more smarter than us, which is more faster than us, which is more flexible than us, which is more curious than us and so on qualities that we posses makes us finest specie on this planet.

If you a human, that you absolutely are, than you are a member of the finest race on this planet. You don’t need to think that you are just a waste. Many people when they could not achieve their respective goals think that they are just wasting their time, energy and resources but everything is not as same as they think. Whenever we do something to achieve our goals we make efforts. However, this is true that each effort that we make can’t lead us towards success, but this doesn’t mean that we should give up our determination to make efforts.

This is our human nature when we fail in achieving a goal, though we think we have made a fantastic effort before getting the failure we feel very sorry. But no problem, this is natural everyone failed at something but the important thing is that everyone achieve success at something too.

Suppose, if you have a degree in engineering but you feel that you are not a good engineer or you can’t secure a good job though you have secured a good rank. No problem at all, many people become engineers and doctors every year, they get good marks but failed to secure a good job, because they think this is their ultimate achievement. But this is not true. Let’s look at a story.

David has a degree in civil engineering and he does a job ate Simon Engineering Works since last four years. He joined this company just after passing out the college. Though he secured a good rank in his college he got the job easily. David is a humorous person but he gets worried often about his future. And on the other view there is mark who is also a civil engineer and was a classmate of David. He does a job in Bruce Construction and hold a higher position than David. The interesting fact is that Mark got lower marks than David but even though he held a higher position just in the same time as David. The difference between their success is that in four years Mark has changed five jobs and David hasn’t changed even a single job.

The cause of Mark’s success is that he is always positive for new opportunity in comparison to David. Mark started the job at the same time but changed his hob whenever he got a chance or an opportunity and finely secured a high position than David in the same time.

The fact behind Mark’s success is that our mind is always productive. Mark made his mind more competitive towards jobs. He quit his present jobs and find new one whenever he get a chance. His competitive mind always looks for competition to get best rewards. While David’s mind is not so competitive and looking forward towards new opportunities because he hasn’t trained his mind to be competitive towards opportunities.

This fact works with all of us. We belongs to the finest race of earth. But just belonging to something better doesn’t mean that you are better than others at all. We have brain which is most important instrument of our body.  But to become master at anything one needs training that is in the case of our brain too. Our brain needs training to become more powerful, more competitive and more productive.

So, to prove that you are a finest person from the finest race, Train your Brain.

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