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Appreciation and Boasting

Appreciation and Boast what do anyone would understand by these two words. Though, they have a little similarity. Appreciation means appreciating someone’s work of effort by someone else but Boasting means appreciating one’s works and efforts by self.

Of course, one deserves appreciation when he does a good work. In fact, he deserves it. But what about Boasting, when someone boast his own efforts and works loudly.

I think appreciations are good and they gives a positive energy to someone to do good things and make efforts in future but boasting self’s effort is as not good as appreciation. Because later gives you a short term happiness and after that you feels very lonely. But this is not in case of appreciation when you get appreciated for your works by someone, it gives you a positive energy for your further goals and keeps you prepared for efforts. Boasting your thoughts or efforts or achievements, however, gives you a pleasure but often it is short term and ends soon.

So guys, whenever you do some good work or make some effort or achieve something, appreciate yourself for because everyone deserves appreciations for his achievements. But try to not boasting it in front of others and let the others appreciate your works.


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